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“… Be happy and fearless. Remember that you are a child of Divinity. Loss and gain cannot even touch your shadow!”

- Swami Rama


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“Wow! Powerful yoga sessions. I finally understood the spirituality behind Hatha Yoga, I also feel ready to start a regular practice of yoga and meditation. “Exceeded my expectations
Once again! The atmosphere in class was supportive, encouraging, and gentle.

I have no soreness, and feel loose, open, and grounded.”

Aisling Richards- Dun Loghaire

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Yoga in Dublin – What Benefits You Will Get Practicing Yoga With us?

Yoga is not just a simple physical exercise. If it was only to do with the physical ability then the dancer or the gymnasts would be the greatest yogis in the world.

In Yoga in Dublin we approach to yoga as a holistic path. We will present you the teachings of yoga in three basic levels. All levels reflect the yogic belief that body, mind, and spirit are interconnected. The first level of teaching at Yoga in Dublin reflects the practices of traditional

yoga texts and teachings. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali form the main text for these practices.

This level emphasizes the eight limbs of raja yoga. Hatha yoga, pranayama, concentration, meditation, selfless service, and the principles of diet and nutrition are all important on this first level. These practices form approximately 90 percent of Yoga in Dublin classes.

The second level of Yoga classes in Dublin is that it draws its inspiration from the ancient sacred teachings of India. These teachings emphasize the divinity that resides within each person. Realization of this sacred truth leads one to love and embrace all of humanity. As Swami Rama said, “Before we attempt to experience God we must connect ourselves with other human hearts. You are already divine. To experience that, first you have to become human. The magnetism of the human within will pull God toward us, and the divinity within us will awaken spontaneously. This results in the union of the individual self with the Supreme Self.”

The third and highest level of Yoga Dublin teachings was imparted through silence. This level of teaching confirmed what the student had already learned and experienced. At this level of understanding, the individual self merges into union with the infinite in what is known as Saundaryalahari—“The Wave of Beauty and Bliss.”. Silent mind leads to silent body. If you have noisy mind you have disturbed and unhealthy mind, and if you have disturbed and unhealthy mind you have unhealthy body as well. So you have to experience silence in your mind. in Yoga Dublin we teach you how you can achieve a silent and healthy mind.

The surest route to self-realization is the path of selfless service, a path that we in Yoga in Dublin continues to encourage today in our classes.

We offer a complete and systematic approach to guide practitioners to their inner selves. Within this system, hatha yoga (physical yoga) is used as a means of training the mind through the body. The hatha yoga aspect is most commonly practiced in a class setting or in individual instruction.

Hatha yoga Dublin is comprised of several levels of practice – Gentle, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. While teachers are trained to accommodate all levels of students within one class format, they usually hold separate classes for each level. Classes follow a similar structure,

which is composed of a set group of postures that incorporate a balanced set of all the major yoga postures designed for maximum benefit.

Hatha yoga in Dublin classes emphasize inner awareness and control of the breath. They also emphasize proper relaxation practices. In addition to classes in hatha yoga, Yoga in Dublin offers courses in meditation, breath control, diet, stress reduction, Yoga for weight loss, exploration of sacred scriptures and much more.

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