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…The most important purpose of Yoga is to bring about a deep transformation of the individual—an awakening of intelligence that is free of dependencies and romantic beliefs and ready to meet the accelerating challenges of the 21st century.

- Ganga White

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"YogaDublin sessions greatly improved my flexibility, strength and not least my ability to focus. In terms of training, I wholly support his initiative to bring yoga to enhance sessions. I decided to try yoga with YogaDublin after sustaining an injury

and found it a great help in addition to training. I felt stronger, leaner, quicker and energised"

Shannon Kieman - Blackrock

Yoga Dublin Rediscover Your Natural State of Perfect Spiritual Being

Yoga Dublin - The physical postures that comprise much of hatha yoga are extremely appealing to many people. They satisfy a man’s need for physical exercise and provide many health benefits. They help today’s overloaded person to relax, and so provide a much-sought antidote to stress.


Yoga Dublin Classes can help you to become more graceful, poised, and balanced in carriage and movement. If you start doing yoga with us we can help you restore and renew both body and mind, helping you to feel clearer, lighter, and more creative. And perhaps most important of all, you will have fun and you will enjoy the benefits of Hatha Yoga. Because most people are first attracted to yoga for its physical health benefits, (there is nothing wrong with that) in Yoga Dublin we will help you not only to benefit from the physical health aspects of Hatha yoga, but, we will find the spiritual and mental yoga approach that is best for you.


The ultimate goal of all yoga, including hatha yoga, however, goes beyond the physical benefits of yoga practice: It is to make the body the most perfect vehicle possible so a you can realize his total being to the fullest—body, mind, and spirit. Having a healthy and sound body is considered a prerequisite to the ability to still the mind and so achieve the higher states of concentration and meditation that lead ultimately to the realization of bliss

and ecstasy as a man realizes his true nature.


In Yoga Dublin we will help you to understand that Hatha yoga is but one of the rungs on the ladder to self-realization. In its largest sense, yoga is more than just the practice of physical asanas: It is a way of life—a way of being a man in the world. The eight limbs of raja yoga (royal yoga), serve as ethical guidelines for how a man can best conduct his life so he can realize the greatest harmony both for himself and for all those around him. In Yoga Dublin we will teach you that yoga can serve as a much-needed roadmap to a way of life that allows men to revere the divinity in themselves and all of creation as they navigate their own unique life journeys.


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