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Different Types of Yoga

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Yoga means ‘union’. It is an old-age, time tested system comprising of both physical and mental exercises that aims to tone and balance the body and mind for a healthier and more aware self. Nobody knows its exact origin, but the first person to present the ancient tradition of Yoga in systematic way was the Sage Patanjali in India around 200 B.C.

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In western society many people think of yoga as solely the concern of physical postures/asanas. However we believe the term yoga ultimately refers to a way of life that includes awareness of our mental tensions/stresses and knowledge of how to reduce/prevent them; breathing exercises, meditation and mental and physical disciplines.  Yoga is a complete system for both mental and physical health and wellbeing.

The Benefits of Yoga

  • Increases flexibility which can reduce aches and pains (important in today’s computer and TV based society)
  • Increases strength, muscle tone and fitness and aids weight loss (combating the rising levels of obesity)
  • Increases balance, coordination and physical awareness
  • Encourages intelligent movement - awareness of posture and habitual patterns of movement that can lead to pain and injury as we age.  Once we are aware of them we can improve/adjust our posture through the yoga postures and prevent any pain or injury.
  • Encourages deep breathing which corrects detrimental habits and reduces fatigue, anxiety and stress
  • Corrects posture imbalances by strengthening core muscles
  • Tones and stimulates internal organs boosting the immune system, digestive system, endocrine system and nervous system which helps the whole body to function more efficiently
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques increase concentration, focus and calm the mind
  • Can be performed at any time, anywhere. It does not need a large space, or special equipment – just a mind and body!
  • It's non-competitive aspect sometimes appeals more to some than competitive sports as each student develops at his or her own pace, testing individual limits and achieving goals in unique and healthy ways, which boosts confidence
  • Is a fun, energetic and educational way for children and adults to get their daily dose of exercise.

Some styles of Yoga


Focuses on 'vinyasa' (flowing movement with the breath) so you move continuously throughout the class and therefore it is more of a workout, which is why it is sometimes called "power yoga". Beginners classes will focus more on finding the correct postures. It follows a specific series designed to work, stretch and relax the whole body.


Meaning 'sun/moon' focuses on balacing the body and mind and on finding the correct posture. Each posture is held for longer so you can build up strength and stamina while toning the whole body. Pranayama (breathing techniques) are used throughout and meditation can be included at the beginning or end of the class. The sequence can be tailored to help the students' posture, or problem areas.


Is based on 12 postures in a particular order that have been proven to work, strech and counter-stretch every muscle in the body. It is hatha based and therefore postures are held for some time.


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