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 Yoga & Meditation - Private Classes

Yoga & Meditation Dublin - Private Classes

yoga private classes

Private tuition is offered by individual arrangement.

For private classes, WeI tailor each session to  meet your:

i)   Level of yoga experience

ii)  Physicality

iii) Health needs

iv) Mindset

At the same time, we think carefully about how to challenge where ‘you’re at’ on both a physical and mental level.

Private tuition offered for Individuals, Couples, 2 friends or small groups*.

Classes can be conducted in your home, or a room/studio hired in a mutually convenient locality.


Cost per session: by arrangement

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Here’s a sampling of the advantages of private lessons:

✓ You get personalized attention.

✓ You have the opportunity to interact more with the teacher during class.

✓ Your routines can vary more, with proper supervision.

✓ You can work more intensively with those exercises that are more challenging for you.

✓ If you’re shy or easily distracted, you don’t have to worry about the company of other people.

Here are a few advantages of group practice:

✓ You experience the support of the group.

✓ Your motivation is strengthened by seeing others succeed.

✓ You can make good, like-minded friends.

✓ Group sessions are easy on your pocketbook.