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Come to practice Yoga and Meditation with us and some of the benefits that you'll experience are: (Exclusive Classes only 12 people per class we can offer you a personalized atention)

cheap yoga classes Reduced stress & anxiety
cheap yoga classes Increased back, neck, shoulder and hamstring comfort and flexibility
cheap yoga classes Increased energy & vitality
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Better, sharper balance and overall core strength

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Eliminated need for toxic stimulants like coffee and energy drinks

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Quicker recovery time from injuries

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Build lean muscles, slim and toned body

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....Plus much, much more!

You will gain an in-depth experience of yoga as an inspirational practice, as well as tools for bringing yogic principles into all parts of your life. You’ll enjoy:


Daily yoga postures classes, focusing on proper alignment as well as the spiritual power inherent in yoga postures;


Classes on meditation, the chakras, energy and magnetism;

Breathing exercises, affirmations, and healing prayers;

Personalized attention.


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"Yoga Classes in Dublin - How Much Do Yoga Classes Should Cost?

Yoga Classes in Dublin increases the body's balance and core strength by partnering poses with deep breathing. The combination lowers blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates and the body's level of cortisol, a hormone it produces to combat stress.


Some yoga studios in Dublin also offer a popular, contemporary form of yoga called Bikram, commonly known as hot yoga, where instructors turn the heat up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.


Typical costs of Yoga Classes in Dublin:


The average cost of single drop-in sessions at yoga studios in Dublin and fitness centers across the country is €12, although some instructors in metropolitan and coastal areas charge as much as €16. Many gyms offer unlimited yoga classes to clients as part of their overall membership package.


Prices decrease when practitioners buy multiple sessions. Studios in Dublin, Cork and Limerick offer packages of 5 sessions for €50 to €75 and 10 sessions range from €90 to €135.


Some studios offer monthly bundles for a flat fee. For example, Yoga Classes offers a variety of packages, including a 1-month plan for €190, which covers up to 30 classes.


What should be included in Your Yoga Classes in Dublin:


Yoga classes in Dublin are typically an hour long. While some studios specific classes based on the level of difficulty, most offer just a general type suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.


Instructors are often certified by an accredited fitness program or specialized yoga school, but it is not required. Many studios provide mats for greater comfort and play soft, soothing music as background.


Sessions typically begin with stretching, followed by asanas performed in mirror image by both sides of the body to achieve balance. Instructors often customize individual classes to address specific challenges, like stretching the back or creating core abdominal strength.


Practitioners, sometimes called yogis, often end sessions lying on their backs, arms extended outward with palms open. This pose, called shavasana, fosters a period of still meditation that lasts 10 minutes or longer.


Additional costs for Yoga Classes in Dublin:


Yogis can buy their own mats in a variety of colors and thickness levels. Some Yoga stores on the internet sells rubber and cloth mats from €22 to €80, and special microfiber towels for €30 to place on top of mats for absorbing perspiration, although you may find yoga mats for around 15-20€ in your nearest shopping centre.  



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